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I took my son to Preethi as he was struggling with dark thoughts and was not able to connect with the rest of the family members. I was seriously worried for him as he was not communicating with us. He warmed to Preethi instantly and opened up to her. He has been having coaching regularly now and the changes are amazing! I feel I am getting my son back and I feel so happy and grateful that Preethi was able to help.


(17) Online Coaching

I was constantly feeling down and couldn’t pick myself up. Anxiety was another issue. We worked through ways of managing my anxiety and building positivity into my life. I can definitely say that I am feeling a more positive version of myself. Although I still have mild anxiety occasionally, my life is more manageable and enjoyable. I laugh more and am making connections with my friends. I have benefited hugely from working with Preethi.


(20) Online Coaching

I started seeing Preethi as I was under a lot of pressure from work and my feelings were getting the better of me. I felt a release instantly after the first session! I slept well and felt lighter in myself. I am so much better in myself and able to see clearer with a plan to work with. Having someone to talk to on a regular basis means, I am on top of what is bothering me. I definitely recommend Preethi and her coaching.


(44) Online Coaching

I have been working with Preethi for the past 9 months. When I first started, I felt overwhelmed and my negative self-talk was sending me into depression. Through working with Preethi, I finally feel I am coming out of this phase. I have a much better understanding of my habitual way of being which was making my life difficult. I am much kinder to myself and putting my healing first and as a result I have more contentment and feel happier in myself. I would definitely recommend Preethi to anyone who is struggling with problems in their life. 


(45) Online Counselling

I started seeing Preethi in August 2020 during the pandemic. We did online counselling which I was unsure about at first. But soon I found Preethi to be a kind, empathic and genuine counsellor who was happy to go at my pace. I mainly started because my confidence had hit rock bottom and I was afraid of applying for a new job, which I desperately needed to do. Through our work together, I now feel good enough to apply for new positions and have filled out several applications. I feel hopeful. 


(29) Online Counselling

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